What is Community and How does it Work?

On special.tv, community takes the form of conversations, structured much like a live chat or a group message stream. If a channel has enabled Community, these chats are displayed on both the channel level (homepage, series pages, about page etc.), as well as alongside each new video released.

Users that join a channel's Community will have to agree to that channel's Community Guidelines, and then make a username to participate in the Community. Community features are only available to and viewable by subscribers or renters to a channel.

Community conversations are displayed along the right side of each page on a channel, allowing users to engage with the community as they watch videos or browse through the channel. A user may also minimize the Community chat side car at any time, if they prefer a cinematic experience.

How do I enable Community on my channel?

A step-by-step guide on how to enable Community for your channel can be found here.

Do I have to use Community?

No. Community features are entirely optional, for both creators and subscribers.

As a creator: you do not have to enable Community for your channel at all; you can also enable Community and choose not to interact as a creator - and leave it for your subscribers only; you can enable Community and also choose to interact with subscribers in your Community.

As a subscriber: you may opt-in to a Community, or not. You can also minimize the Community chat to focus only on the content, or leave the Community at any time.

Does Community cost extra?

No. Community features are for subscribers and included in their subscription fee to a channel.

I enabled Community for my channel; how do I view or participate in it?

Follow the steps outlined here.

If I enable Community for my channel's subscribers, do I have to interact?

No. You can enable Community for your channel and choose not to participate in it - but typically, subscribers are interested in being part of Community with the respective creator.

How do I report a user in Community?

For info and a step-by-step for reporting a user, deleting comments, and banning a user in Community, follow the steps outlined here: Community Moderation.

What is the clock button?

The clock button represents a timestamp, marking where in the content you (or another user) made that particular comment.

Does banning or reporting a user affect subscriptions?

No. Users that have been reported or banned from a Community are still subscribed to that channel, and still have access to all video content within the channel. Banned users will not, however, be able to view or participate in that channel's Community.

Can I change my username?

No. Once you set your username, it cannot be changed regardless of whether you are that channel's creator or a subscriber.

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