As a Subscriber

If you're participating in a Community chat and believe another user is acting in violation of's Community Guidelines and wish to report the activity or user, please do the following:

  1. Refer to's Community Guidelines and ensure the user is breaking these guidelines.

  2. Within the Community Guidelines, there is a link to a report form. Fill out all applicable information and submit the form. A member will review the content / user in question and take any appropriate and necessary measures.

As a Creator

As you set up your Community, you’ll have the opportunity to create your Community's rules and guidelines you’d like users to follow. While we wish users follow these at all times, this isn’t always the case.

In the event a user is being toxic or not following the Community guidelines you set up there are two moderation action options:

  1. Delete a Comment - deletes a single comment, and can not be reversed. Providing us a reason will allow us to reach out to the user warning them of the behavior that got the comment deleted.

  2. Ban a User - a community ban will remove the user’s ability to read / comment in any of your current or future conversations. This will not impact their ability to watch your content and stay subscribed to your channel. This also can be reversed upon request.

In order to take a moderation action, please use your Moderation Portal Link, and submission the report form. This will notify the team to take action. If you do not have a Moderation Portal Link, email and we will give you one.

Deleting a comment or banning a user does NOT affect their subscription to your channel. However, banning a user from your community will remove their ability to read and comment in your Community.

Note: Currently we do not have moderation tools built into the product. Community will be expanded in the coming weeks, with built-in moderation tools for you to leverage.

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