The Community feature enables both channel-wide, general chats, and video-specific chats on a channel.

Community chats are an optional feature that can be turned on (and off) in the Creator Studio. Once enabled, creators also have the option of viewing and/or participating in their channel's Community.

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How to Enable Community Chat

How to View/Participate in my Community Chat

How to Disable Community

How to Enable Community chats on your Channel:

  1. Sign in to your creator account, and navigate to the Creator Studio. From here, click "Edit" in the "Enable Community" box (or the Community icon from the left-hand side navigation.)

  2. From the Community Settings tab, click "Edit Community".

  3. From the Community Settings modal, select the box "Enable community for all subscribers and renters", and create your Community Rules. Then click "Save Changes".

How to View and/or Participate in your Channel's Community

Once Community has been enabled for your channel, as a creator, you have the option to participate in your community (or not!).

If you would like to participate or view your Community's activity and chat(s), you must create your own username and "join" your Community.

First, navigate to your channel's community. There are two ways to do this:

(1) From the Creator Studio, click the "Preview" icon in the left-side navigation bar. This will open a new tab with a preview of your channel from a subscriber's perspective.


(2) If your channel is already live and launched, simply navigate to your channel's homepage URL (ensure you're signed in to your creator account).

To join your Community, simply click on the Community icon in the upper right corner of your channel.

A sidecar modal will appear. Click "Join Community", and then "Accept & Continue" the Community guidelines you've created for your channel.

Lastly, create your username for your Community Chat.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a permanent, public-facing username. This username reflects your brand and channel, and cannot be updated.

How to Disable Community on your Channel

If you have enabled community on your channel and wish to disable it, you may do so by editing your Community Settings, and deselecting the box "Enable community for all subscribers and renters".

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