WatchTime Analytics can be tracked within the creator studio at any time, and can also be exported as a .CSV file if needed.

To export Watchtime Analytics, sign in to your creator studio and navigate to the Analytics tab. Here, you will be able to download a .CSV file of the WatchTime analytics.

WatchTime Analytics are broken out per video (and the property that video belongs to), with the total watch time in minutes per video, organized by month.

Important note: each "page" exports separately. So if you have multiple videos that expand beyond a single page, you'll need to export data from each page individually.

How to Import the WatchTime Analytics .csv file elsewhere... say, Google Sheets:

The WatchTime Analytics .csv file can be imported into other programs, if needed. Let's look at an example of importing into Google Sheets:

First, export your WatchTime Analytics report from your creator studio on Next, open your program of choice you wish to import the data to - in this example, we'll look at Google Sheets.

From the file menu, click "Import"

Select the "Upload" option, and then "Select a file from your device"--or simply drag the .csv into the uploader.

Select the import location and details, then click "Import":

The .csv file should now be successfully imported!

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