For those of you that would like to add more content to your channel's homepage and to organize your properties into groups or categories that are easier for users to navigate, customizing your homepage with sections is a feature you should be using!

Note. This feature is best leveraged by channels with six or more properties. If you have six or fewer properties we recommend that you continue to leverage the default homepage layout, as this interface is optimized for reengagement for channels of your current scale. If your channel falls in this six or fewer group and you would like to further customize your channel's homepage please reach out to our team and let us know your desired customization so that we can improve this feature with your use-case in mind!

What are Sections?

Sections are groupings of properties that can be added to your channel's homepage. Sections can include as many properties as you'd like (we recommend more than five to fill out interface on our largest devices) and can be ordered/sorted in many different ways.

Sections display below the default 'Start Watching' section, and above the 'Recent Releases' section.

Step by Step: How to Create a Section

1. Setting Up your Properties

The first step in customizing your homepage is to ensure your properties are properly setup and ready for your subscribers to engage with. Properties must be created before you add them to a section, and while you can add a property with no videos to a section, the property won't display to subscribers until at least one video is published within the property.

On larger screens each of your sections will display to your subscribers with five properties contained within each. If you do not yet have five properties you'd like to include within a section, you may want to consider waiting until you do so, so as to not risk making your project feel empty!

Five properties is not the limit for the number of properties you can add to each section. You can add as many properties as you'd like to each of your sections and users will be able to access any properties not displayed within the first five slots, via a 'view all' button that displays on the right side of each section.

2. Navigate to Customize > Homepage

When you are happy with the properties you have configured and are ready to start setting up your own channels you can access our home page sections feature by navigating first to the customize page of your creator studio and then clicking on the 'Home Page' tab.

3. Create a Section

To create a section simply click the 'New Home Page Section' button. This will open a modal window in which you can start to configure your section.

Start by giving your section a name. This name will be displayed to users as they browse the home page of your project and will be displayed at the top of the page if they click view all on a particular section. It's important to think through a strategy on how these titles will help your users navigate your content.

  • A channel that offers films, may want to name sections after the types of genres that commonly appear within their catalogue of films.

  • A podcast network may want to organize their shows by host.

  • A news service may want to organize their content by region, or year released.

Get creative, dig deep, think through the questions or desires users may have as they browse your content looking for something to watch.

4. Choose a Sorting Method

After creating your section and naming it, it's time to decide on how you want these properties to be displayed. The sorting method you select will change which properties, out of the properties you choose to include in the section (see step 5) will be displayed on the homepage and the order in which they are displayed on your homepage.

We currently offer four different methods for sorting the properties contained:

  • Most Recent Uploads - included properties will display in the order they've had videos published within them, with the property with the most recent upload displayed in the first position.

  • Latest Added to Section - Included properties will display in the order displayed at the bottom of this modal. The property added to the section most recently will be displayed first. Properties included in sections with this sorting method selected will always display in the order you specified until you manually change their order.

  • Random Daily - Included properties will display in a random order each day. This keeps things fresh when users return each day but keeps the interface easy to navigate as a user is browsing trying to make a decision on what to watch.

  • Alphabetical - Included properties will be displayed alphabetically based on their order.

5. Select Properties

The final step is to choose the properties you'd like to include in your section. You an do this by clicking the 'add a property' button near the bottom of the window. This will open a drop down that contains all properties on your channel (in alphabetical order). Selecting a property will add that property to the top of the list displayed at the bottom of the modal.

Keep in mind if you selected Latest Added to Section in step 4, you'll want to add properties to the section in the opposite order you'd like them to appear (the last property you add to the section will display first). To double check the ordering of your section, when this sorting method is selected, you can check the numbers displayed along the left side of the properties included in this section list.

6. Customizing Section Order

To customize the order in which sections appear on your homepage you can use the drag and drop interface on the Home Page tab of the Customize page within your creator studio.

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