The About Page gives your channel a clear place to explain more about who /your brand are, what your channel is all about, and what will be posted on It also gives viewers a clear place to find more information about a creator, and helps them feel more secure in subscribing via reputable links, stats, and contact info for the channel.

The About Page can include:

  • Intro Video

  • A customizable body of text

  • Customizable buttons for your website, IMDb, Youtube, social media, etc.

  • High-level stats on your channel including the date you “joined”, and the number and type of properties on your channel ( # series, #shows, #features)

  • “Contact” button that gives subscribers and renters a route to directly contact creators by way of email.

Important note: The About Page, and everything on it, is completely optional. If you haven’t added an intro video or added any text to your About Page, then it won’t be displayed on your channel. Similarly, any field you leave blank, including contact info, will also not be shown. Only what you fill in will be displayed in your About Page.

To create an About Page

To add the About Page to your channel, sign in to your creator studio and navigate to the “Personalize” page (the paintbrush icon). Here, you will see several tabs--each of these tabs affect the design of your About Page, but the two that are most relevant are the "About Page" and "Links & Contact Info".

Let's get into the meat of it -- click“Get Started” button the “About Page” tab.

This will bring up the modal to edit the paragraph(s) of text on your About Page.

Type your "About Your Channel" paragraph(s)--you can bold, italicize, underline, and hyperlink as necessary--and when finished, click "Save Changes".

Note: there's a 5,000 character limit in this text.

To configure Links & Contact Info on the About Page

If you'd like to add links to your website, IMDb, social media, etc. to your About Page-- and/or add a way for your subscribers/renters to contact you, you can do so from the "Links & Contact Info" tab ( back in the "personalization" page in the creator studio).

Click on the "Get Started" button in the "Links & Contact Info" tab", and a modal will appear:

Insert links for any (or all) fields desired, and then "Save Changes."

Any field(s) left blank will not show on your About Page. For example, if you don't want your subscribers/renters to be able to contact you, just leave that field blank!

Note: The contact email address will be shown to paid subscribers/renters only, if they click "contact" on your channel's About Page. Don't worry, we will divert any tech support or billing questions to the team--so you'll only be getting relevant emails!

That's it!

The information on your About Page can be edited at any time, following these same steps. The "date joined" and high-level property stats are automatically pulled and updated - so no need to worry there!

Other Items on / Affecting your About Page:

Intro Video

If you have an Intro Video created, it will also display on your About Page for visitors and subscribers/renters alike.

Here's how to add an Intro Video to your channel.

Once configured, it will automatically be shown on your About Page.

Channel Branding

All aspects of your channel's branding are used on your About Page including: Channel Name, URL, Color, Channel Logo, and Channel Banner Image.

Here's how to add, edit, or update your channel's branding.

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