Is there a minimum price for a rental?

Yes, a rental price must be at least $0.99.

How long can I set a rental for?

You can choose a rental period of 7, 14, or 30 days.

Why not longer than 30 days?

At a rental period for more than 30 days, this would just be a subscription. For 30 day rentals in particular, we encourage creators to think strategically about their pricing--as the ultimate goal is to convert visitors and viewers to paid subscribers to your channel, and garner predictable, recurring revenue.

Can I set different prices or rental periods for different rentals?

Yes! Each rental is unique. You could have one rental for a property set for, say, $2.99 for a 7-day rental, and another property rental set for a different price and a different duration.

Can I have multiple rentals for the same property?

Nope! Each property can only have one rental attached to it. From a viewer’s perspective, multiple rental options for a one property wouldn’t make much sense and would be unnecessarily complicated.

Can I set one video as a rental?

Only if that video is a feature! If you set a rental for a Series or Show, all videos within it will be viewable to the renter. If you want to have one episode of a Series or Show be rented, but no other episode, it would be best to create a Feature property type, and upload that particular episode to that property, and set a rental price for it.

Do discounts apply to rentals?

Nope! Discounts only apply to subscriptions.

Will my subscribers have access to the rentals on my channel?

When a viewer is subscribed to your channel, they will have access to all the content in every property on your channel - whether that property has a rental configured for it or not. As subscribers are already paying for access to your content, they'll not be shown the "rent" buttons on your channel or given the option to rent.

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