If an image on your channel is blurry--whether a video thumbnail, property thumbnail or banner image--this likely means that the uploaded image does not match our recommendations:

  • Channel Banner Image: 1920x750px

  • Property Vertical Thumbnails: 1280x945px

  • Property Banner Images: 1500x625px

  • Video Thumbnails: 1280x720px

These files sizes are the maximums; after upload, our system saves multiple sizes of the photo and delivers the version that bests matches a user's device size. This minimizes loading and maximizes quality for each user browsing the site.

Here's how to update a blurry image or thumbnail:

Be sure you are signed in to your creator account. Navigate to the creator studio and click “content” from the menu cards or from the left-side navigation bar (the camera icon)

Here, you will see a list of all the properties you’ve created in your channel, and those properties’ associated videos. This is where you will be able to update any imagery associated with a property or particular video, and upload a higher resolution image.

To Edit a Property's Vertical Thumbnail or Banner Image:

Click on the property with the image in question. Next to the property name, click “Edit <Property Type>”--for example, if you were updating a Series property type, click “Edit Series” next to the name of that Series.

The Property Settings modal will appear.

From the Property Settings modal, update the associated Vertical Thumbnail and/or Banner image by clicking “Browse Files”. Double check that the photo size you are uploading matches our recs:

  • Property Vertical Thumbnail: 1280x945px

  • Property Banner Image: 1500x625px

When you’re finished, click “Submit Changes”

To Edit a Video Thumbnail Image:

Click on the property containing the video with the image in question. From here, you will see a list of all the videos within that property. Click on the video requiring the image update, and the “Editing a Video” modal will appear.

Under “Video Information”, you will see the current video thumbnail. To update this image, click “Browse Files”. Double check that the photo size you’re uploading matches our recs:

  • Video Thumbnail: 1280x720px

When you’re finished, click “Save Changes”

Tip: to preview what your channel and content looks like from a subscriber’s perspective, click “preview”. If your channel is launched and you would like to see what it looks like from a viewer’s perspective, you may also copy the URL of your channel and use an incognito tab to view your channel from a non-subscriber’s perspective.

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