A property type cannot be converted to a different property type once it has been created, but don’t worry! Should you decide another property would better suit your content needs, videos can easily be moved from one property type to another, and between properties.

Here’s how to transfer videos to a different property:

1. Make sure you are signed into your creator account. Navigate to your creator studio by clicking the “studio” button in the upper right corner of the homepage, and then click on the name of your channel.

2. From the homepage of the creator studio, click on “content” from the menu card options, or from the left side navigation bar (the camera icon).

Here, you will see a list of all the properties you’ve created in your channel, and those properties’ associated videos. This is where you will be able to re-organize videos into the intended property.

Important note: If you need a particular video to live within a different property, that property must first exist. If the property does not yet exist, you’ll have to first create it. You can do this by clicking “Add Property”, and then following the prompts within the modal to create the property type you need.

3. To transfer videos between properties, simply navigate to the desired video by clicking on the property that video is located in. Within that property, you’ll see the list of videos within it. Click on the desired video in that list and the “Editing a Video” modal will appear.

4. From within the “Editing a Video” modal, you’ll see a field labeled “Property.” This field denotes the property that the selected video resides within. To change this, click the dropdown and select the property you want that video to be in.

That’s it!

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