Subscription messages are blocks of text you can customize that will be automatically displayed and emailed to users when they subscribe and/or unsubscribe to your channel.

These messages can be customized on the 'Pricing' section of the 'Earnings' page on the left navigation in your creator studio.

"Thank You!"

The 'Thank You!' message is sent to users immediately after they subscribe to your channel, and can have a maximum of 500 characters. We recommend you personalize this message and use it to thank the subscriber and further establish your company's brand.

"Sorry to See You Go"

The 'Sorry to See you Go.' message is sent to users after they unsubscribe from your channel. This message also has a maximum of 500 characters. We recommend you use this message to thank the user for supporting your business and to let them know how they can stay in the loop with future content and endeavors from your company. Keep in mind, many users who unsubscribe are likely to return at a later date.

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