If you're browsing in the "Manage Your Subscriptions" modal and you notice that one of your subscriptions is labeled as "expiring" or "expired", this should not be a cause for concern--this is usually just related to that particular creator increasing their prices for the channel you've subscribed to.

What is an expiring subscription?

If one of the creators you are subscribed to increased the price of the subscription plan you chose when you started your subscription with their channel, your subscription status will be labeled as "expiring". When your subscription is expiring, you will continue to have access to that creator's content until the date printed in subscription management. After that date your subscription will expire, at which point you can choose to re-subscribe to that creator's channel at the new price they've set.

While your subscription is in the 'expiring' state no action is required; if you would like to continue to watch the creator's content, you can wait until your subscription expires and then re-subscribe to the creator's project.

What is an expired subscription?

If your subscription says "expired", it means that the last subscription term you paid for has expired and you'll need to re-subscribe in order to continue to have access to that creator's content and channel.

Once your subscription has expired, you'll receive an email from Special detailing why the subscription expired (this is most often due to a price increase). If your subscription is 'expired' you'll need to navigate to the project and resubscribe. A link you can use to navigate to the project in question is included in the expiration email mentioned above.

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