Updating your subscription pricing is an action that will affect all of your current subscribers. In this article we will cover how to update your price, and how updating your price will affect your current customers.

To begin making updates to your channel's pricing, navigate to the earnings tab in your creator studio, then the pricing tab in the earnings page's sub-navigation. From there, click 'Edit' within the "Subscription Plans" section.

Updating Pricing to a Channel Without Subscribers

If you do not currently have users subscribed to your channel, you will be able to change your pricing as often as you'd like. But keep in mind that once you gain your first subscriber, changes you make to subscription pricing have various consequences for that subscriber (see the next three sections below). Additionally, once you have subscribers, you will only be able to make changes to your subscription pricing once every 30 days.

Adding a New Subscription Plan

Adding a subscription plan will add a second payment period (monthly or annual) option for your customers to choose from when checking out.


If you have configured your subscription plan to be 'Only Monthly' or 'Only Annual', you can add a subscription plan by switching the 'Subscription Plans' dropdown to 'Monthly & Annual'.

As you are setting up your new plan, take care to not update the existing pricing (monthly or annual) as this will affect customers currently subscribed to that plan. After 'Monthly & Annual' is selected complete setup of both monthly and annual pricing and click save.

Updating your pricing typically takes a few minutes. If you are still not seeing your newly configured subscription plan after a few minutes try refreshing the page.

How this affects current subscribers

Because you are adding a subscription plan, customers subscribed to the subscription plan that existed before your addition of the new subscription plan will not be affected.

Removing a Subscription Plan

Removing a subscription plan (ex: switching from monthly & annual to only annual or only monthly) is not currently supported by our beta product. A future release will include this functionality, and we'll let you know when it's live!

Updating Existing Subscriptions

You can update your existing subscription plans at any time, so long as they have not been updated within the previous 30 days.

Decreasing your subscription pricing

Decreasing an existing subscription plan's price has low impact to existing subscribers. Once the price of the plan has been lowered and confirmed, we will automatically transfer all existing subscribers into the newly-priced subscription plan.

Increasing your subscription pricing

Increasing an existing subscription plan's price will require all existing subscribers to opt-in to the new increased price. Once you've increased a subscription plan's price, all existing subscribers of that plan will enter an expiring state; these customers will continue to have access until their next billing date--at which point their subscription will expire and they will have to re-subscribe to your channel at the new price.

When a user's subscription expires, they will receive an email from Special informing them that your channel's subscription pricing will be increasing and that in order to continue watching your content, they will need to opt-in to the increased subscription price.

Why do we handle increased subscription pricing like this?

Imagine you are paying $10/month for a dog-walking service. Let's say that for one reason or another, the company providing that service decides to increase their price to $50/month--but you weren't notified of the price change either beforehand or when it was implemented. So the next time your subscription is processed, you suddenly see that you're being charged $50/month versus the original $10 you agreed to. Chances are you'd have some questions (at the least), be upset (as expected), and maybe even lose trust in the company's service entirely and cancel your subscription. Yikes.

We want to prevent any of that from happening, and streamline a transparent, entertaining, enjoyable experience for your subscribers to engage with your channel.

Can't update your pricing plan?

That means at least one of two things are happening:

(1) You've already updated your plan(s) pricing once in 30 days.

(2) You have active discount codes attached to your current prices of your subscription plan(s). If this is the case, you'll need to de-activate your current discount codes in order to update your pricing (given that you haven't already updated within 30 days). Once you set your new price, you can then recreate and reactivate your discount codes.

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