Creating a channel on Special does not mean that anyone can find it--it must be launched in order to be viewable by anyone other than you. If a property--a series or video--has been created, but your channel is not launched, only you will be able to view your channel and content. Even if you have created a property, uploaded content, and labeled it as "Published," if your channel is not launched, no one will be able to see or find your content or channel until you've launched your channel.

In order for your channel and content to be discoverable via links you share and Special's marketplace features you must first complete the following steps and launch your channel.

What is Required?

In order to launch your channel there are a number of items you must first configure. You can find detailed documentation on how to complete each task and understand if you have already completed them by navigating to the homepage.

On the homepage you will see a card for each required step needed in order to launch your channel. Note: If you are unsure on how to complete each task you should click on the 'i' icon to read more about how to complete the task.

How do I Launch?

You can launch your channel by navigating to your creator studio. There you will see a number of cards detailing required tasks. If all required tasks are complete, you will be able to click the button that says 'launch' that appears in the last card.

Can my channel be Un-launched?

It's important to understand that a channel can not be un-launched, so before you click 'launch' make sure you are ready to go. Once the button is pressed your channel will be discoverable via Special's marketplace features and all links you've shared will be live.

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