There are two types of ordering for a Series on Special, 'First to Last', and 'Last to First'. Swapping a series ordering between these two settings will change where subscribers start when playing a series, and which videos will be 'up next' when watching videos within that series.

First to Last Order

First to last order is best suited for episodic series.

Series' with this option selected will play through episodes in a logical episodic progression (Starting with Episode 1, Episode 2 ... Episode 10... etc).

Diagram explaining First to Last Series Order

Last to First Order

Last to first order is best suited for "freshness" or chronological series that have videos uploaded on a daily, weekly, monthly format. Choose this option if you'd like users to start with the newest video or the video that is at the top of the drag and drop interface within the your studio tools.

Diagram explaining Last to First Series Order

Changing Series Order

To change the Series Order, head to your content dashboard (camera icon) and be sure the Series you are editing is highlighted by clicking on it.

1. Scroll to the "Series Order" option in the editing window:

2. Select either "First to Last" or "Last to First".

When you have selected your option, either click "Create Series" if it is a new Series, or click "Submit Changes" if the series exists already.

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