To manage the order your videos as they display on your Special, and within a Series...

1. Head to your Content dashboard (camera icon) and hover over the video you want to reposition.

2. For this example we will move Episode 3. Click & Hold on the 6-dot button. This will make the element draggable.

3. Drag the video to the desired spot in the list of videos (ensure you are holding down the mouse button while dragging)

4. When in the desired location, let go of the mouse button and the grey highlight will be removed.

5. Your video will go back to having a white background, and the episode number to the left will change to reflect it's new location.

In this example, Episode 3 is now showing as E2 to the left of it. So even as it's named Episode 3 as a title, it now would show up second in order.

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