One of the last steps before having a completely set up Channel on Special is to introduce your channel and content. This feature is technically optional, but to improve your on-site subscription conversion rate you want to make sure you've at least added a compelling introduction for your channel.

*An important note: your channel's introduction video is something only potential subscribers will see. Once a user subscribes to your channel, they will no longer see this introduction video, so use it wisely and in a way that helps drive users to subscribe to your channel to view your content.

1. Navigate to the 'Personalize' page.

This is the paintbrush icon that can be found along the left side of the screen.

2. Click "Begin" under the heading "Introduce Your Channel"

3. Upload an Intro Video

We recommend that you keep your intro video short and to the point (no more than 10 minutes and less than 20 GB in size).

The video you upload as your introduction video will only be visible in the introduction block. Once a user subscribes to your channel, they will no longer be able to view the intro video.

Keep in mind the because this is something only potential subscribers will see, your channel's introduction video is best leveraged as a pitch for your entire content offering on Special. A best practice is to save longer form videos, free content, or series specific content for other parts of your channel (series can contain a mix of locked and unlocked content).

Think, 'Why should users subscribe? What can they expect by subscribing? What content will you be posting, how often will you post it? If you have social channels and post to other sites, what is the value and difference in what you'll be posting in your channel on Special?

4. Configure Supporting Info

The remainder of information in the intro video modal will be displayed directly to the right or right below (on mobile devices) your intro video. The thumbnail you upload will be visible until the user clicks play on the intro video. All of the info in this modal is required for you to be able to publish your introduction video.

- Introduction Thumbnail (1280x720px or above recommended)
- Introduction Title (100 character limit)
- Introduction Paragraph (250 character limit)

4. Save Changes
Once you are happy with your content click the "Save Changes" button to save your intro video and supporting info. If you have already published your channel, your intro video will be visible as soon as the video file finishes processing. If you have not launched your channel yet, the intro video will be viewable as soon as you launched your channel.

5. Preview your Intro

Your channel introduction only shows to you and users that are not yet subscribed to your channel. You will not be able to view this video in your preview mode (eyeball icon in the lower left corner).

If your video is published, you can view the introduction video by navigating to your channel while signed out or using an incognito/private browsing mode.

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