In order to share your channel or specific video links, ensure you have launched your channel. If you have not yet launched your channel, users will not be able to see your content, even by using a URL you share. In order for a video link to be shared and viewable, not only must your channel be launched, but you must also make sure that the video you've uploaded to your channel is published.

What your Project URL looks like

All channel and content urls on Special begin with:

This URL is then followed up by a unique string of letters and/or numbers. This string can (and should) be customized to your channel via the personalization tab within the creator studio.

For example this is the URL for Hype Reel:

Find your project URL

Click on the "special" button in the global nav. If you are signed in you should find a page like this:

Note: If in the above step your were brought to the homepage of our website, you'll need to sign in to your account first.

2. Copy your URL

Next, click on the channel card that is associated with the channel you'd like to share. Clicking on a channel card will take you to the public-facing, live instance of your channel. You should now be on your channel's homepage, and can use the URL found in the header of your browser to share.

The browser's URL bar in Google Chrome (dark mode):

Sharing a specific video URL

Follow the steps found in the 'Find your channel URL' above to get to the video on whose channel you'd like to share a video from.

Find the Video

Navigate to the video you'd like to share.

Find the Share Button

Once you've landed on the page where you can watch the video you'd like to share, scroll down the page. Just below the video you'll find a 'share' button that will allow anyone to copy a URL that links directly to this video.

If the video is locked, only subscribers will be able to watch the video. If a user is not yet a subscriber and follows this link, they will be directed to a page where they can subscribe so that they can watch the video you have shared.

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