Special is an ecosystem of creators and subscribers; your Special account will allow you to discover, subscribe to and watch your favorite creators in addition to allowing you to manage your channel.

In this article we'll show you how to navigate into your creator studio from any page on Special, and how to view the live version of your channel to manage or make edits to it.

Understanding the Homepage

From any page, you can click the "special" button to navigate to your home page. This is where you can see a list of channels you are currently subscribed to, in addition to the channel you are an owner of.

The channels you are subscribed to are listed under "My Subscriptions", while the channel you own is listed under "My Channel", and has a camera icon displayed in black in the upper right corner of the channel card.

The homepage of Special.

Using Channel Cards

Clicking on a channel card (either a channel you are subscribed to or the channel you own) will navigate you into the "watch" view of the channel. Clicking on the channel icon--either a channel you subscribe to or a channel you own--allows you to engage with the selected channel as a subscriber.

There is no difference in function between clicking on one your own channel (this will have a channel card with the camera icon displayed in black) and a channel card for one of the channels you are a subscriber of.

Your creator studio is where you can manage your channel and any associated content within it (upload, create a property, set a price, brand your channel and properties, and view analytics, just to name a few).

Using the Studio Button

By clicking the studio button--the hollow camera icon in the top-right corner of your screen--you will see a dropdown menu with the channel you have created and can manage. The studio icon is a global nav element and is accessible via any page on special.

Right now, If you have more than one channel, each will be displayed in this dropdown menu, along with "Create Project".

In the example screenshot above, we can see that I have the option of clicking on "Amazing Adventures"--which is the name of my channel. By clicking here, I will enter into the creator studio dashboard for "Amazing Adventures", where I can edit and manage the details of my channel.

From this dropdown, I also have the option of clicking "Create Project", which would add a new property (or project) to my channel.

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