1. When Creating a New Video or Editing a Published Video - navigate to the Release Settings.

Release Settings can be updated and selected when uploading a new video, or when making changes to an existing video.

2. Determine if the video should be open to Anyone or Only Subscribers

Let's define what these two options mean:

Anyone = visitors and subscribers can view this video, no subscription required. A great example of free videos are "teasers" or "trailers"--anyone can watch these, determine if they're interested in the content, and then become a subscriber to watch the secured content the teaser or trailer is promoting. Pilot episodes or very highly-ranked episodes with high conversion rates are other great use cases of free videos.

Only Subscribers = this video will be locked to visitors and require a subscription to your channel to view it. This is typically the default setting for all videos.

3. Previewing Video Settings on Projects

Below is an example of a video that is locked - you cannot watch it, and it contains a lock icon on the thumbnail.

Below is an example of a video that is available for all to view - there is no lock icon, but instead the length of the video is displayed.

Below is an example of a locked video "landing page" where the content of the thumbnail is displayed, but a visitor is not able to watch the video. A visitor must subscribe to your channel in order to continue watching.

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