1. On the Earnings Page, click on the 'Pricing' Tab

2. Click "Get Started"

This may not be available; if you are unable to click the "Get Started" button, this may be due to a number of issues.

If you have not yet set up Stripe you'll need to complete that step first. Make sure Stripe is connected first.

The second common blocker to setting up your price is that Stripe needs additional information to verify your identity. All verification steps must be complete before you are able to set a price on your channel. In order to fix this, navigate back to the Earnings Page, Earnings tab and use the 'view account' button to navigate to stripe. Once there, Stripe should take you through finishing verification. Note: this may happen multiple times before Stripe is 100% setup.

3. Enter the monthly price you want to charge your subscribers.

The price must be at least $1.00, and can go up to $999.00. Remember, Stripe charges a $0.39 fee per transaction as a fixed fee in addition to a 2.9% fee to cover payment processing expenses.

You can use our pricing calculator to estimate the amount of money you will earn with a specific price on Special. We suggest you fully think through this decision as updating your price after you set it is not available during our beta.

4. Once your price is entered, click "Finish" to save it.

5. Your current plan is ready to go!

Visitors to your channel will see this price on each page and locked video until they have subscribed. Once they subscribe, they will automatically be charged this amount once per month.

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