In order for creators to receive payouts from their subscriptions, Special has integrated with Stripe. Stipe is secure, widely used, and easy to set up. We recommend that you start the process from within your creator studio account on Special, rather than creating a Stripe account and retroactively linking it to Special.

1. Navigate to the Earnings Tab

Navigate to the earnings page of your creator studio. On the earnings tab you'll see a section related to linking your Special account to a stripe account. Start by clicking on the "Get Started" button on that page.

2. Special will send you to Stripe's Website

You will need to click the "Go To Stripe" button in order to launch the connection process between Special and Stripe.

3. Enter Required Information at Stripe

Once on Stripe, you will be required to enter some basic information about your residence, name, and contact details. Stripe exists to verify and authenticate payments to direct to your account. Thus, they are required to ask for this information for your safety and security. Be ready to specify your business entity type and to provide detailed information about that entity.

Once Stripe has gathered all of the required information & documents, your account will be ready to go!

4. When Stripe is fully connected, you will now see your Earnings and Projections

Once Stripe verification and connecting are complete, you will be able to click "View Account" to manage your account, and your current earnings along with projected earnings will show up next to the "next payout" date.

You can now complete the setup of your channel on Special by setting up a price for your subscription plans.

Occasionally, Stripe will require additional information from you after you have completed this process. We will keep you updated on any additional information or steps you may need to take, along with Stripe's required timeframe to receive that information. You can access your Stripe account to provide this information at any time by clicking the 'View Account' button as seen below.

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