Property thumbnails and video thumbnails are used across Special's interface on a wide variety of screen sizes. Special resizes your images for each device and size we display your thumbnails. So unlike other sites, you do not need to be concerned with making your image smaller in order to increase page load times on Special!

Our system does this by scaling your image up or down to fit the needs of our interface. Scaling any image up in resolution will result in a blurry photo. To prevent loss in quality, we recommend that you upload your images at or above the recommendations below so that your thumbnails look great on all devices.

Channel and Brand Imagery

Channel Banner Image: 1920x750x

Channel Logo Icon: 1:1 (Square) 500x500px

User Icon (profile): 1:1 (square) minimum 500x500px

Property Imagery

Property Banner Image: 1500x625px

Property Vertical Thumbnail: 945x1280px

Video Imagery

Video Thumbnail: 1280x720px

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