There are two main places to create an account. One is when setting up your Special Project, to create a project and begin uploading Series and Videos. The other is when creating an account to view a Creator's Project as a subscriber. Both follow the same user account creation process detailed below.

1. Enter your Login Details on the Create an Account Page (or popover)

You will need to enter your Name, Email and a strong password.

2. Click "Create Account" to move on to the next step in your journey

Once the email is verified as unique and your password is strong enough, you are able to click Create Account.

3. Check your inbox for a verification code

This is likely in your inbox, but check the Promotions tab or Spam folder just in case.

4. Enter the verification code and Confirm Account

Once you get the 6 digit code from your email, you can copy and paste the code into the verification window. That will enable the Confirm Account button, and now you're good to go on Special!

The next screen you see will either be to setup your billing options to subscribe to a creator's page, or to Create a Project if you are setting up your own Special Project.

Welcome to Special!

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