Preparing your Video Files for Special:

In order to have an optimal upload experience with Special we recommend that you follow these requirements and recommendations:

File Requirements

  • Supported Formats: MP4 & MOV

  • Max File Size: 20 GB

File Recommendations

  • Video Codec: h.264

  • File Bitrate: 5 - 15mbps

  • A stable connection to the internet

Uploading your Video

1. Select the Property

Before you can start uploading videos you must first create a Property. Once a Property is created, select the Property you'd like to upload your video into.

If you only have one property created, that property will automatically be selected; if you have multiple properties, you will be presented with a drop down menu to choose the Property you'd like that video to be uploaded into.

In this example, our Property type is a Series, and is named "The New Series". When we click 'Upload Video' our video file will be automatically uploaded into "The New Series" while it is selected.

Note: Videos can also be moved between Properties after they've been uploaded in this modal, by clicking the dropdown menu and selecting the corresponding property you'd like that video to be in.

2. Select the Video File

Click "Browse" to open your computer's file browser. Using your computer's file browser, navigate to and select the file you'd like to upload.

3. File Upload

After you have selected a file, Special will initiate file upload. It is very important that you not close the tab/window/browser special is open in, do not refresh the page, and do not shut down/put your computer to sleep, as this will interrupt your file upload. You will also need to maintain a stable connection to the internet as this may also cause your file upload to be interrupted.

Upload Errors

Should your file upload get interrupted, Special will save the progress of that upload; you will see an error within the upload window and will need to resume the file upload by clicking the resume button within the errored file upload component.

4. File Processing

Once your file has finished uploading (step 1 of 2) the file upload component will update to display a message "Processing" (Step 2 of 2). During processing, Special has received your video file and is now working on preparing that file to be delivered to your viewers regardless of their internet speed.

Processing is an important step that must be completed before users will be able to watch your videos. However, the processing step happens on Special's servers and requires no additional input from you. We recommend you continue with the following steps so you can have your video ready to go as soon as processing is complete!

Once a file starts processing it is also safe to close the tab, window, browser or restart your computer should you need to. Special will process the file and get things ready for you to finish up once you return.

5. Processing Completed

Once you see the purple checkmark, and the fine print "Completed!" your video is done uploading and processing. Once processing is complete your video will be ready to view as soon as you click 'publish'.

Editing Video Settings

While your video is uploading/processing we recommend you review and make edits to the following settings. Some settings are required in order for you to publish your video.

Video Information

This is the information special will display to users on the focused video view.

  • Video Thumbnail (REQUIRED)
    The video thumbnail is what we display as users are browsing your special looking for a video to watch. We recommend that this thumbnail be 1280px by 720px so that it looks great across the many devices your viewers will access your videos. We also recommend that you don't place any key information in the lower right corner of the thumbnail as this is where we display the timestamp, and locked icon.

  • Video Name
    This is the name that is displayed along with the video thumbnail across your channel, as well as being displayed along with the video once the user starts watching it. We recommend that this title be no longer than ~50 characters as your title will start to be cut off at this point on some devices. The max size we allow for titles on Special is 100 characters.

  • Property
    The Property a video is saved to is automatically configured to match the property you selected when file upload was initiated. However this can be updated at anytime (including after the video has been published) using the Property drop down.

  • Description
    Your video description displays underneath your video and can include up to 10,000 characters.

Monetization Settings

This is the information that Special will use to restrict who can watch each video.

  • I can monetize this video (REQUIRED)
    By checking this box you are confirming that you legally have the right to monetize the video file that is being uploaded. Videos that are set for 'only subscribers' to view (set in the 'Who can View' setting) must have this box checked.

  • Who can View (REQUIRED)
    This setting allows you to lock/unlock a video file depending on if a user is subscribed to you.

    When you set "Who can View" to 'Only Subscribers' only users who are subscribed to you can watch that video. Videos with this setting will appear with a locked symbol on the thumbnail to non subscribers and display a 'subscribe' call to action when clicked.

    When you set "Who can View" to 'anyone' any user, regardless of their subscription status, can watch this video. (Commonly used for trailers, making the first episode of a Series or Show free, or releasing content that is already free on other platforms alongside your paid content.)

Release Settings

These settings will define when users will be able to watch your video on special and are covered in detail in the next section of this article.

  • Release Timing
    Allows you to specify when you'd like the video to be released. Publish (As soon as possible) Schedule (At this exact time) or Private Draft (I'm not ready to publish yet)

Releasing Your Video

Once the settings listed above as 'Required' are filled out you will be able to publish your video.

The release timing section of your video modal (found at the bottom of the page) will dictate how this video will be saved and distributed. With each video you have the following three options:


Publish is selected by default and should be selected when you want your video to be released as soon as possible.

With this option selected the bottom bar of the window will have a button that says 'Publish' clicking this button will release the video immediately or in cases where your video is not yet finished uploading/processing will publish as soon as processing has completed. If your video file is 'processing' you can click publish and your video will publish as soon as possible even if you close your tab, window, browser, or shut down your computer.


Select schedule if you'd like your video to be available at a certain time in the future or if you'd like your video to appear as if it was released on a day and time in the past (common if you are re-uploading old videos but don't want it to appear as if the video is newer than your recent releases.)

Once Schedule is selected you'll need to input a specific date and time. When inputing time, keep in mind that we automatically detect your device's time zone and apply it to this field (if your device is using PST and you write 7pm, we will save the scheduled release time as 7pm PST).

Once you are finished editing video settings, click the 'Schedule' button at the bottom of the window to schedule the video for release.

It is important that you allow for enough time for your video to upload and process. Your video will not release at the scheduled time if it is still uploading or processing at the scheduled date and time. Videos with scheduled release times in the past will publish as soon as possible.

Private Draft

Select 'Private Draft' if you are not yet ready to publish a video. This setting will save the video in your studio but it will not be visible on your special. Drafts can be edited in the future by clicking on the associated video bar within the studio interface.

Special will automatically switch a video's release setting to Private Draft if you click "x" on the video page or close the browser window before you've published the video. In these cases we will our best to autosave as much information as possible but it is always best to click 'save draft' when you are finished editing.

Keep in mind that it is still important to ensure your video file has finished uploading before closing the tab/window/browser even if you have saved your video as a draft.

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