Series are how you organize all content on Special. You will need to create at least one series in order to start uploading content.

Create a Series

To get started navigate into the content tab within the creator studio.

1. Click On 'Add Series'

At the top of the page is a button which will allow you to create a new series. Let's start by clicking this!

After clicking on the 'Add Series' button you will see the series editor window. This is the window you will use to make changes to your series as you set it up and if you need to make any edits in the future.

2. Uploading a Series Image

We leverage vertical thumbnail images for series. After upload, these images will have various tags and hover effects added to them intended to help users engage with or resume watching series' content. Because of this we recommend you don't place any important content in the lower right corner of your series thumbnail image.

We recommend that your series thumbnail images be at least 1280 x 1732 so that the series will look great no matter the device size your users are accessing your content from.

Images don't have to match the exact recommended size listed above. Any time you upload a thumbnail image to Special we will allow you to scale and crop your image using the following interface. When things look good click 'finish' and move on.

3. Add your Series Title & Description

The title you select will always be displayed directly below the thumbnail image you uploaded in step 2 and be displayed on video pages for videos within the series. The title of your series is limited to 100 characters, but we recommend you keep it even shorter if possible to keep your series title as short and easy to read as possible.

Series descriptions are intended to be a short bit of text explaining what the series is about. We limit these descriptions to 255 characters. Descriptions are visible when users click on the title of a series card to learn more about it, and are leveraged to improve your channel's SEO.

4. Select a Series Order

The series order setting affects which episode Special will start with when a user clicks play on a series card, and will change which episodes show up in the 'up next' list along with each video.

Select First to Last if linear order matters and you'd like users to start with Episode 1.

Select Last to First' if you'd like users to start with the most recently released episode and work their way backward through the most current episodes.

There are additional intricacies to series order. If you'd like to learn more you can read about them here.

5. Create The Series

Once you've got your thumbnail, title, description and order configured the "Create Series" button will be enabled. Give it a click to save the Series.

Keep in mind you won't be able to see the series via preview mode or on your live channel until you've published your first video.

Now that your series is setup you can start uploading videos!

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