1. Naming Your Channel.

After creating an account, you will be prompted to create and name your channel. This will require coming up with the public-facing name of your channel. Once you are ready to publish your channel, this name will also exist in the URL (if available). This URL will also be the link you'll use to share and drive audience to your channel.

2. Select Your Channel Color

Choose a preset, or your custom brand color that will be used for the "Subscribe" buttons, footer bar, and all navigation links for your channel. This can be changed later on, but to get an accurate representation of your channel, the best practice is to choose your color early and preview your channel as you continue to set it up.

You will need to upload your channel logo. The preferred aspect ratio is a 1:1 (square), but if you have a rectangle or other shape, you will be able to crop it in the uploading screen.

4. Create your Channel

When you're ready, click the "Create Channel" button, keep in mind your project will not be visible until you launch your channel, and you'll be able to edit all the information you've filled out here later in the 'personalize' tab of the creator studio.

Note: We are updating the terminology we use within Special. You may see within HelpDesk articles and screenshots (or be more familiar with) the word "Project". In these contexts, "Project" is synonymous with "Channel". We found that most creators were already intuitively using the word "channel", so we've decided to update our UI to reflect that!

A next great step after creating your channel, is to personalize it with your branding. Here's a great help desk article on how to that: Updating Your Channel's Branding and Personalization.

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