We take our Terms of Service and User Policy agreements very seriously. If you have identified content that you believe does not comply with our Terms of Service or content policy, please do the following so that we can properly classify and review your report.

1. Sign in to your Special Account

Before you can report content on Special you will need to be signed in to your account. If you do not have an account, please create one.

2. Navigate to the content

Navigate to the page where the content you want to report can be watched. On this page, click on the triple dot icon, located below the video player, next to the applause button. Click this icon and select the 'report video' option.

3. Fill out the Report Form.

Clicking the 'report' button will redirect you to a survey. This survey will be pre-populated with information about the video you are reporting; do not delete or modify this information.

We do not receive partially completed forms so it is important that you fill out the entirety of the form and click submit.

We will review the User Content to verify its compliance with our Terms of Service and Content Guidelines.

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