Deleting a Video

To delete a single video, this can be done from the creator studio dashboard. Be sure to navigate to the Series which contains the video first. Once there, follow the next three steps.

1. Click on the Video Title, Image or Published date.

We've highlighted the Title area below, but any of the video content on the same row as the title will open up the editor box.

2. Click the red trash can icon

Clicking this icon will switch the "Publish Changes" button into a Delete button.

3. Click Delete

There is no going back! If you wish to delete this video, click the Delete button and it will be gone.

That's all there is to it!

Deleting a Series

This can be done either after videos are deleted from the Series, or first - and it will delete ALL videos in the series. Be careful, as once this is done, all videos in this Series will also be deleted. Start by clicking on the series you wish to delete.

1. When the correct Series is selected, click the purple "Edit Series" button next to the Series name.

We've selected our "The New Series" for this demo, your Series name would show up next to the Edit Series button.

2. Click the red trash can icon

This will update the Submit Changes button into a Delete button.

3. Verify how many videos will be deleted, and click Delete

This verification process will show you how many videos will be deleted when the Series is deleted. If you wish to proceed, and delete all videos in the Series, click Delete. There is no turning back!

Your Series and all videos beneath it are now deleted!

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